Webpower Release 11.5


What's new in your platform?

We are all about building features and improvements that make your team more efficient today than they were yesterday. So it is time for a Webpower update. We are excited to announce that we have the new Webpower 11.5 release ready for action, packed with the following new features:

  • Improved approval feature

  • Email digest

  • Send bulk emails in batches

  • Date and DateTime format option for imports and exports

  • Flow builder; recurring start & extended wait options

  • Add extra content when sending a bulk mailing via the API

Read the paragraphs below to know the details. If you want to check back on this information bookmark this link on Product News.


Improved approval feature

Easy way of scheduling the mailing for approval, adding forced use of the feature.

Email digest

Instead of receiving one off email notifications, subscribers receive a single email on a regular timing with a summary of the email notifications. Using an email digest will minimise the time subscribers spend on reading emails and annoy them less often. It also enables your subscribers to see the progress of products/services and eventually, it will increase the read rate.

Send bulk publications in batches

Easy way to send a bulk mailing in batches in order to distribute the send out of it.

Date and DateTime format option for imports and exports

Option to select the date format to be more flexible.

Flow builder; recurring start

Extend the existing start step so that you are able to periodically scheduled moments when the flow starts.

Flow builder; extend wait options

We have added a new start step for periodically scheduled moments when the flow starts. We also added new minimum “wait for” options which can be set to 5 min, 15 min and 30 min.

Merging content when sending a bulk mailing via the API

Sometimes it's necessary to pass in some custom data when sending a bulk mailing via the API to be used in the email for personalisation purposes. For example, you might need to add the latest news in your email. Build for developers who want to use Webpower application components into their existing architecture.


Updated translations for French language

Contact Import Scheduler - Check for import files each x minutes

Contact Import Scheduler - Archive feature

Make copying of custom System Pages possible

Compare statistics improvements

Monitoring reports criteria improvements

Improved caching when image is deleted/edited

Script_subscribe - Possibility to (re)add a contact to a group when it already exists in the campaign

Improve recipient logging when a recipient is flushed from a group

System emails - Implement plain text versions

Check availability of content feeds and show outcome

Improvements when previewing an external content feed

Remove the dependency of the user id in the activity stream use the username instead

Show throbber/loader image when a user clicks on the refresh icon to refresh the mailing statistics

Update default protocol in content editor to https

Remove "password" grant from rest credentials edit screen


Fix filtering for stats summary export

Fix to translate Plugin Settings column in every language

Unable to create Local Domain Sender when own sender address is set up

Subscribe plugin - Recaptcha Score setting is not working when UI is in Dutch

Fix incorrect message at archived statistics

Activity Stream is only available for landing pages in Dutch and English

Statistics - Click reports is giving an error when there are no emails set

Overview of all bugs fixed in this release