Webpower Release 11.6

The new Webpower version 11.6 is here and Webpower has a fresh new look. We will highlight a few changes and list the full release notes at the bottom of this article:

Webpower is now Spotler Webpower

That's right. Tripolis has been merged with the Spotler organisation and we are very proud to announce that Webpower is now one of the three lead email service providers the Spotler Group is bringing to the market. That also means a fresh new look. We have changed menu items, logos and colors to adopt the Spotler branding and style guide. We hope you like it as much as we do!


Redirect after subscription

Our Subscribe plugin now offers the ability to redirect subscribers to a designated page upon submitting or after confirming their subscription via email. This comes in handy when you want to guide your new subscribers directly to a specific page on your own website. 

On top of that, we fixed a bug which makes a redirect after a Landing Page submission possible as well.

Improved UX for selecting the statistics of a mailing

No more endless scrolling through all your sendouts before you find the desired email. We have split the sendout from the mailing in the statistics overview so loading time will be shorter and picking your email from the list will be quicker.

New REST API endpoints

We have updated our REST API on two fronts. We added an endpoint to add a contact to multiple campaigns at once, which will prevent you from doing multiple calls when a contact needs to be added to more than one campaign. We also made it possible to manage Tags via API. Usage of Tags will be expanded in upcoming Webpower releases.

Full release notes

Here are the full release notes:

  • Updated the edit_data plugin to include group management
  • Included campaign_id and mailing_id in the (automated) raw data export
  • Improved the Digest functionality to get Digest articles between a time interval
  • Added the Subscribers group in the group list when setting up a Trigger
  • Fixed an error that occurred when exporting license users
  • Fixed mistakes in, mainly French, translations
  • Increased the amount of Groups that can be created within a campaign from 50 to 200
  • Improved the statistics filter by separating the sendout from the mailing
  • Added an option to insert a custom "Thank You page"/redirect after subscribing via the Subscribe plugin
  • Fixed a bug where source code gets emptied when saving Landing Pages. This will also make a redirect after a Landing Page submit more easily possible.
  • Created endpoints to manage Tags via REST API
  • Created an endpoint to add a contact to multiple (overall) campaigns in one REST API call
  • Applied the new Spotler branded styling in the top and left menu bar
  • Applied security upgrades
  • Applied software updates
  • Onboarded our Spotler UK department