Database fields

In Spotler MailPro, you use database fields to track subscriber information. An overview of all your database fields can be found under SetupDatabase fields.

The database field email is available and mandatory in your account by default. You can't send an e-mail without an e-mail address. When you create a multi-language campaign, the field lang is also available and mandatory by default. 


Adding database fields

It is possible to add additional database fields in your Spotler MailPro account. Do you work with an overall database in link with an overall campaign? Then first go to the overall level. The next steps are the same for a database field that is non-overall. 

A database field that you create at the overall level will be available in all overall campaigns. This is in contrast to a non-overall database field, which only becomes available in the current campaign.

To add a database field, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. On the left, under the Campaign heading, click Database fields. You will now see an overview of all available database fields.


  3. Click Insert at the top and the following screen opens:
    Input databasefield.png

  4. Fill in the following:
    • Fieldname:
      Enter the name of the database field as used by the system. For example, for personalisation and API calls.
    • Description:
      Enter the name of the database field as used by the users. For example, on a landing page form. You can put the same as the field name here.
    • Notes:
      This field is optional. You can enter a comment to show above the input field as an extra explanation. This is then shown on landing page forms.
    • Datatype:
      This option specifies the type of field you want to add.

      The datatype string is a type that contains a series of signs or characters with a fixed or variable length. All signs and characters on a keyboard can be included. The datatype string can be used for: email address, first name, address information, as well as telephone numbers.

      The datatype integer displays a sequence of numbers that contains a maximum of 2,147,483,647 characters. All numbers on a keyboard can be included. The datatype integer can be used for interest fields, for example. You start at 0, and you can use triggers to increase the number by +1 every time someone clicks on this topic.

      The datatype big integer is a type that contains a sequence of numbers with a maximum number of 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 characters. All numbers on a keyboard can be included. The database big integer can be used for the same kind of content as the datatype integer, but it can include far more numbers, making it suitable for large calculations.

      The datatype date is a type that can be used to save a date, whereas the datatype date-time can do the same while also including a time. The datatype date can be used for birthdates, for example.

    • Default value:
      This field is optional, but you can enter a default value for the database field here. When you import a file, and you do not include this database field as a column in your import, all contacts will receive the value you enter here by default.
    • Required?:
      This option makes the database field mandatory in the database.
    • Single unique?:
      The database field value is unique and can only appear once in the database. For example, email is unique by default, which means that a contact cannot exist twice with the same email address in the database.
    • Inputtype:
      You only define this when you use a plugin. For more information, please see What input types are there in the Spotler MailPro platform?
  5. Click Ok to add the database field.

Video setting up database fields

Our project manager Marlies shows step-by-step how to set up database fields in a video.