What input types are there in the Spotler MailPro platform?

When creating a database field, you can choose from different input types. But what do these input types mean, and what can you use them for?


An input type can have different shapes, such as a line of text, but also a calendar or a radio button. You can choose from the following input types:



The input type ''text'' consists of a single line in which text can be entered. When creating this input type, you can specify how large the text line should be under "size". This does not affect the maximum number of characters.



The textarea is a similar type of input type to the input type ''text'', only with this input type there is more space to fill in text. This input type is therefore useful to use when working with long sentences, such as a comment field.




The input type ''select'' can be used if the choice for the database field consists of several options. The contact can use a drop-down menu to choose the input for the database field. You can create the options to show during the creation of this database field.




The input type ''radio'' is in many ways the same as the input type ''select'', only in this case the choice is not shown by a drop-down menu, but in multiple choice form. Again, you can create the different options while creating the database field.




The input type "checkbox" can be checked on and off. An example is that you indicate whether you will be present at a certain event. There is only one option you can give. In the example of an event, someone can be present (tick) or not present (no tick).




The input-type "multi checkbox" is similar to the input-type "checkbox", except it offers multiple checkboxes that can be ticked. The contact can tick multiple checkboxes.



Using the input type "datepicker" allows contacts to enter a date. This could be, for example, their date of birth. It is possible to type a date into the field or select a date by using the date picker.




The database field "hidden" is hidden from the contact filling out the form. This can be used to provide additional information that is not relevant to the contact. Think, for example, of filling in a type of event. The database field "hidden" can be filled in by scripting via HTML/PHP.