Stats IP Filter

The "Stats IP Filter" feature is designed to allow logged-in administrators of Webpower to exclude clicks or opens from specific IP addresses or IP ranges (based on CIDR notation) from being included in email statistics and metrics. This can be useful for internal testing or excluding specific client interactions from analytical data.

1. Accessing the Stats IP Filter

To access the Stats IP Filter feature, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Admin
  • Look for the "Stats IP Filter" option in the left menu bar.

If the feature is not listed, it should be added to your Role Right first.

2. Adding an IP or IP Range

To add an IP or IP range to the filter, follow these steps:

  1. Press Insert.

  2. Give the entry a recognizable name (e.g. "Microsoft Safelinks")

  3. Provide the specific IP address you want to exclude from statistics or enter an IP range using CIDR notation. For example, to exclude the entire range from to, you can use "".

  4. Save the changes to update the filter settings.

3. Important Considerations

  • CIDR Notation: When specifying an IP range, use CIDR notation. 

  • Impact on Statistics: IPs added to the filter will have their clicks or opens excluded from statistical calculations such as the Summary, but also Flow Builder actions and Magic Hidden Fields. It could have an impact on the amount of opens and clicks you are used to see.

By using the "Stats IP Filter" feature, administrators can customize email statistics, providing a more accurate representation of user engagement by excluding specific IPs from the metrics.