Landing pages

Do you have content that is not appropriate for your website or is it difficult to create pages on your website? Then a landing page in Spotler MailPro can be a solution. Think of a "read more" page with the complete article of your newsletter or a white paper download.

Getting started in Spotler MailPro

When you want to get started with a landing page, go to the Content > Landing pages menu.
Hasn't a landing page been created before? Then you will see the following screen:
Create page.png

Click on the button Create Page. And settings for your landing page will appear:
set-up new page.png

  • First of all, name the page (this is only visible in Spotler MailPro): This name is only used within Spotler MailPro to identify the page. Thus, visitors who land on this page will not see this name.
  • Choose a template: Choose which template you want to use for your landing page.
  • Page title:This is displayed as a browser name and when you hover your mouse over the tab in your browser.
  • Page URL: This is the direct, generic link to the page. This is the non-personalized link.
  • Google Analytics tracking code (UA-code): Enter the Google Analytics code (UA code) here, if you want to measure visitor behavior through Google Analytics.
  • After completing these fields, click Go to Editor.

Editor landing page

When you are in the editor you will see the following screen in front of you:

The editor is structured as follows:

  • Top: In the black top bar you see the page name. Next to it, you see the Create and Preview tab. The Create tab is selected by default when you start working on your landing page. In the Preview tab, you see a preview view of your page with any additional margins.
  • Left side: you see blocks that you can use to set up the page. By default, the following elements are available: text, image, button, spacer, ruler and form. It depends on your template which options are available to you here. You add these elements by dragging them from the left panel to the center.
  • Center: The center of the screen you use to build the page. Drag and drop blocks from the left side to build your landing page.
    Landingpage.gifThis editor works like a drag and drop editor. When you have dragged a block on the canvas, it is possible to drag it to another place as well with your mouse or with the options when you select a block.
    Options.pngWhen you select a block, you also have the options to delete it.
  • Right side: Here you can change the settings of the page, such as the page width or the content/shape of the blocks. If you haven't selected a block then you can set the default font and style for text, links and headers here.
  • Bottom: Here you will find the option to save and possibly close the page.

Publishing a landing page

Do you want to link from your e-mail to a landing page? Then it is important to publish it first. Publishing a landing page is done as follows:

  1. In the landing page overview, click on the landing page you want to publish. On the right side, you'll see options appear. Among which is the Publish button.
  2. A new screen appears asking if you are sure you want to publish this page. Check the checkbox.
  3. Then click the Publish Page button.

Copy or delete a landing page

  1. In the landing page overview, click on the landing page you want to copy or delete. On the right-hand side, you will see options appear. Including the More button.
  2. Under the More button, you will see the options to copy or delete your Landing Page.

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