Every user of an account has one or more roles. A role determines what a user does or doesn’t have access to. As a Superuser, you choose whether someone with a specific role can send a final email or not. In addition, you can define areas the user will or won't have access to.

To view and manage the roles, go to the Admin module on the top of your screen, then click on the Roles tab on the left.

MPRO Admin module.png

MPRO Roles.png

In this menu, you can view the roles and more info on those roles, such as:

  • Name;
  • If it may send final emails;
  • If it must use approval before sending emails;
  • The role rights (whether one can view and edit certain parts of an account);
  • Areas (whether certain modules and tabs are visible for a user);
  • Users: which users have these roles assigned;
  • Actions: edit, copy or delete the specific role.

To add a new role to the account, make a copy of the Superuser role. Then click on Edit to manage it. In the next screen that appears, you give it a new name, select if it may send definitively and if it must use approval. Next, you can select the areas that should or should not be visible for this role. Here are examples of two different roles:

  1. Content creator
    If your marketing team consists of several people, or if you are using external companies that design your emails, you may not want them to have access to all the information. Creating a “content creator” role may be a good idea. For these users, all you need to do is select Mails as the area the user has access to. All other menu items will be invisible to this role. When it comes to rights, you can also decide whether these users can create, edit or delete mails.
  2. Data analyst
    You can create a special role for data analysts. These users can see all statistics, but they cannot create or send mails, and they will not have access to your contacts.

You will also find several 'Role rights' on this screen. Here you select specific features and if they may only be visible (or not) and also if one can edit those features. More role rights can be determined on the left side of the screen, in the Role rights tab.

Video Roles and rights

Our Project Manager Marlies shows in a video where you can set up roles and permissions as a superuser: