Webpower (Spotler MailPro) Release 11.8

Webpower 11.8 brings some longtime desired new features. We will highlight a few changes and list the full release notes at the bottom of this article:

Spotler Webpower is now called Spotler MailPro

In the release of 11.6, we changed the look and feel because of the merger within one Spotler organization. The next step in this release is that the name Webpower has been changed to Spotler MailPro.



Save and apply relational data in Spotler MailPro

This allows you to "relate" a piece of data to other pieces of data, offering limitless segmentation and targeting opportunities. With this, create a stronger connection with your audience. The relational database is called Collections in MailPro. Learn more about this in the following article: Collections.

It is possible to apply both filtering and personalization based on relational data. An example is filtering based on order behavior.

This functionality is not a standard part of Spotler MailPro. Are you interested in this functionality? If so, please contact your account manager.

"Contacts" menu renamed to "Data".

The menu item Contacts has been renamed Data. This name change better covered the content of the menu.


Filters and Tags have been moved to the Data menu.

Previously you found filtering under the Send menu, Tags under the Content menu and groups under the Contacts menu. This is now grouped under the Segmentation heading and can now be found under the Data menu.



New REST API endpoint for retrieving sent mailings

With our new REST API endpoint, it is now possible to retrieve sent mailings and the personalized web preview link as a result.


Full release notes

New features:

  • Spotler Webpower is now called Spotler MailPro
  • Introducing the ability to store relational data within Spotler MailPro
  • Relational Data can be used for advanced filtering and personalization of mailings
  • Renamed "Contacts" to "Data," now reflecting the inclusion of our Relational Data feature
  • Filters, Groups, and Tags have been relocated under the Segmentation label within the Data section
  • Obtain sent mailings and their personalized web preview link through our new REST API endpoint


Feature optimizations:

  • Made email dropdown in Reports searchable
  • Possibility to filter on Integer fields ending or starting with specific number(s)
  • Option to hide the Slurp tab when sending a mailing
  • Image uploads above 8 MB are prevented, to improve performance and deliverability
  • Adjustments to some screens to incorporate Spotler branding and colors
  • Optimized the List Cleaner speed for newly onboarding customers
  • Possibility to use Twig variables in a Property
  • Changed default CSV separator for UK clients
  • Unchecked the T prefix for test SMS messages by default
  • Option to skip the extra validation mail in the Overall_subscribe plugin
  • Implemented the new RFC complaints feedback loop header


Bug fixes:

  • A fix for getting Fields via REST API where an error occurred when a translation for a field was missing
  • A fix for the use of certain Twig variables on Landing Pages
  • A fix to update the sender domain when a Local Domain change is done
  • A fix to make it possible to send the monitoring report to more recipients
  • A fix for the color picker in the Ruler block
  • A fix so that the configured default CSV separator is used
  • A fix where the Properties and/or their labels were not shown correctly in the personalization dropdown in the email editor
  • A fix for the dynamic date in the filename to the correct timezone in the automatic imports
  • A fix for unconventional datetime formatting in certain languages, like French
  • A fix to prevent circumvention of the IP address limit on the subscribe plugin