Collections (optional)

Relational data can be found under the Collections heading under the Data menu. The content of the relational data is free to fill in. For example, you can use this function for orders and order items, but also for account managers and licenses. Based on this data, it is also possible to apply filters, conditional content and personalization fields in your message.

There are a few conditions for using this functionality:

  • This functionality is not a standard part of Spotler MailPro. Are you interested in this functionality? Then please contact your account manager or mail to So that this functionality can be activated for you.
  • Setup is done through Spotler.
  • For collections, you need a REST API connection.
  • You can use a maximum of two collections per campaign.

Collections overview

From the overview of collections, it is possible to:



Based on the categories at the bottom of the search windows, you can perform a search. This way you can find items easily.


It is possible to add data manually.


It depends on the setup of your collections what data you add. An example of adding an order item:


Edit and delete

It is possible to delete or change items within a collection.
Edit and Delete.png

Demo video about relational data

Do you want to see more about relational data? Our Product Owner Luka de Fluiter will tell you more in a demo video:

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