How do I apply personalization in my message?

You can personalize an e-mail by adding a value from your database. For example, the first name or a salutation. But you can apply any field you have as a database value in your campaign. If you use collections (a relational database), you can show more data in your message. Think of order information or account manager data.

Add personalization in text

To add personalization, go to a text field and click on the person icon. Then choose the database field you want to apply.


Example of name-based personalization:


You type the word Dear and the comma as your own text. The piece between the accoladed is the personalized part. Spotler MailPro knows from the database what value to show for a contact.

Example of personalization based on relational data in a message:

Relational data personalize.png

In this example, an account manager name is shown with the associated email address of the account manager below it. Here it is also possible to add a picture of the corresponding account manager.

How these fields are populated is shown in the personalized example.

An alternative value

If you don't have everyone's database field populated, it's best to use an alternate value so that something is always populated. An example based on a name:

{{|default('customer') }}

The green part is what you add to the personalization field.

Conditional content based on data

In addition to applying personalization fields in your message, it is also possible to personalize using filters through conditional content. Read more about this in the article: How to personalize emails based on data in my database.