How do I send an SMS to bounced contacts?

When you want to reach out to your contacts, but the email address you used resulted in a bounce, you can use another channel of communication by sending an SMS. Before you can use the SMS functionality in the Flows, please be sure that SMS is enabled in your license and in the specific campaign. Furthermore, be sure a phone number is filled in the contact details of your recipients.


1. Start Flow

  • Create the Flow in which you send out your initial email.
  • After the mail, you update a custom field with a value so you know what the last mail was that was sent.


Your first flow will look like this:


2. Create a second Flow
which you start as soon as a contact is added to the Hard Bounce (def) group:


  • In this flow, insert a waiting step of an hour to avoid any timing issues.
  • After that, check via a filter if the bounce occurred in the mail you defined in the previous Flow. If the recipient field matches the value you set in the previous flow, proceed to the next step.


  • Insert the SMS when the recipient matches the filter
  • After the SMS, you unset the recipient field (e.g., set the field to 0).



Your second Flow will look like this:


3. Copy 
your second Flow


  • Change the start group to Hard bounce (1x)


  • Repeat step 3 for the Hard bounce (2x) group. You can also do this for soft bounces if desired.

The result will look like this: