Introduction Automations

Automated email campaigns often deliver a high return on investment. You also save a huge amount of time. MailPro likes to make automation as easy as possible for you. A consecutive series of pre-set, automatic emails is called a flow.

For example, consider an automatic welcome email for a new customer and a subsequent series of emails that introduce the customer to your product or service. Or consider a communication flow in the run-up to and after an event. A flow can even consist of one simple, annual birthday email.

Follow-up communication in the flow can of course depend on the behaviour of the recipient. Is your email not being opened? Send a reminder automatically. Does someone become inactive as a customer? Send a timed email with relevant content, for example a discount, that ensures that the customer is reactivated. Increase your conversion in no time.

Characteristics of automated email flows

  • 1-on-1 communication
    Each contact goes through the flow individually. The actions are carried out per contact person.
  • Relevant moment
    Once the flow is active, there is no need to set the time of execution of the action, including sending messages. This is related to the starting point (for example, registering for the newsletter) or the previous action in the flow (for example, send email 2 one week after sending email 1).
  • Flows are always active
    After you publish a flow, it is active. You cannot change active flows. To do this, you must first take the flow offline. After the changes, activate the flow again.


Examples of automated email flows

Common flows used by our customers are:

  • Birthday campaign
  • Welcome campaign
  • Event campaign
  • Cross and/or upsell campaign
  • Loyalty campaign
  • Reactivation campaign


Get started

In the coming articles we will take you step by step through the Automation flow builder: