Scheduled contact imports using an external connection

In Webpower, it's possible to automatically import contacts from an external location, such as an SFTP. This can be done with the following steps:

  • Define the details of your external location under Setup > External connection.
  • Now you can set up an import scheme with the contact-importplanner which imports a file with a certain name from the chosen external connection according to a schedule.
  • To e-mail the contacts directly after the scheduled imports, you can make an automation with the starting moment set to 'when a contact is added to the group'.

The contact-importplanner is not a standard feature and is therefore not visible until it is activated. Contact your account manager if you would like to use this paid feature.

If you do not have your own SFTP-account, Spotler can offer such an environment as an additional paid service (through

Below, we describe a complete use case for setting up an external SFTP connection, adding a contact-importplanner and setting up a flow to send mailings.



In this use case, the customer needs two things: an SFTP*-account and an activated feature: the contact-importplanner.

*SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol for file transfer that offers secure access to an external computer to enable safe communication.

Contacts are taken from an external SFTP-account, after which they can be imported in Webpower. If the customer does not have their own SFTP-account, Spotler can offer one as a paid service (through

Furthermore, scheduling imports through a contact-importplanner is not a standard feature, and it's therefore not visible in Webpower by default. To activate this paid feature, a customer should issue a request with their account manager.


Creating and testing an external connection

1) Add a new connection under SetupExternal connectionInsert:

2) Next, fill in the details of the new external connection.

Now you can set up an SFTP-connection in various ways. For example, using a username and password or using a private key and passphrase:


3) Test the connection after saving the details.

If everything is set up correctly, you will see four green checkmarks in the bottom-right corner.


You can always manually test each connection you created.

Setting up scheduling with the contact-importplanner

1) Under DataContact-import scheduler → Insert, add a new schedule.

2) Now you can fill in the details of the new schedule.

Here, you can choose which external connection will be used and when a chosen file should be imported to which group:


Setting up the flow

If you want to trigger a mailing after each import, you can do so by making a new flow under AutomationCreate flow:

Next, under 'when' you select the option 'As soon as a contact is added to the group':