Anonymization Feature

What does the Anonymization Feature do?

With the Anonymization Feature, Webpower helps you cleaning up the data of churned contacts, for example because they unsubscribed. In most cases it is unneccesary to keep the data of these contacts for an infinite amount of time.

A contact can be anonymized as soon as the contact becomes a member of (one of) the following groups:

-Soft bounce (def)
-Hard bounce (def)
-Spam complaints

Webpower will run the anonymization around midnight every night. All contacts that have been in the selected group(s) for the amount of days that you specified, will be anonymized.

It is configurable which additional fields will be anonymized besides the email address of the contact. Anonymized contacts will get a recipient_[recipient_id] address:


The Anonymization Feature is configurable per campaign.

Important: When a contact is anonymized, the original email address is unknown. Therefore, make sure that Unsubscribed/Bounced/Complained addresses do not get imported again! They will become new records and can get emailed again.

How do I get the Anonymization Feature?

The Anonymization Feature is an additional module. If the feature is not activated in your license yet, please consult your account manager.

How do I use the Anonymization Feature?

1. If you have the necessary user rights, go to Adaptive Features -> Anonymize Contacts. 


2. Click Insert to create a daily Anonymization task

3. Choose the Group(s) from which you want to anonymize the contacts


4. Select which field(s) you want to anonymize. The email field will always be anonymized.


5. Insert how many days after entering the group(s) should have passed before the contact will get anonymized


6. Choose if you want to do additional anonymization for contacts that have already been anonymized


7. Click OK

8. That's it. At midnight, the first anonymization run will be done.